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War Memorial of Korea

War Memorial of Korea

Opened in 1994, the largely museum-like War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea offers visitors an educational, yet emotional experience of the many wars in which Korea was involved. Many documents and war memorabilia have been collected and are displayed. The War Memorial has several display rooms and an outdoor exhibition center displaying military equipment.

Illustrating the turbulent times of Korea throughout its history, the War Memorial houses six exhibition rooms displaying over 13,000 items under different themes, including an outside exhibition area consisting of numerous military equipment. Visitors will experience the spirit of national defense of Koreans throughout the War Memorial, which was designed with advice from military experts.

The Korean peninsula has seen many wars among and within its states as well as intrusions from neighboring powers. Over the centuries, the southern states slowly seized territory from the neighbouring states and peoples such as the Jurchen, driving the border north and consolidating the peninsula under a single state, suffering several invasions that its allies helped to overcome. The War Memorial was built to commemorate actors and victims in the wars which led to the modern nation state. The museum also has the purpose of educating future generations by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting various historical relics and records related to the many wars fought in the country from a South Korean perspective.

Exhibition areas
13,000 items are displayed in its six halls under different themes: Memorial Hall, War History, Korean War, Expeditionary Forces Room, ROK Armed Forces Room, and Large Equipment Room, plus the outside exhibition area. Displayed are various weapons and equipment from prehistoric times to the modern period as well as paintings of battlefields and sculptures of notable warriors and An Jung-geun, who assassinated a former Resident-General in Manchuria in 1909. About 100 large weapons are displayed in the outside exhibition area on the lawns around the building.

Memorial Hall
Upon entering the memorial halls, this English text is inscribed :
Inscribed on this memorial is the names of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces Soldiers and Policemen killed in the Armed Forces Activation, Korean War, Vietnam War and Counter Infiltration Operation and the United Nations Forces Soldiers killed in the Korean War.

Combat Experience Room
The Combat Experience Room provides a special opportunity for visitors to vividly experience life and death situations in night combat which soldiers went through during the Korean War. The special audiovisual effects, lighting, vibration, and even gunpowder odor make visitors feel as if they are right on the battlefield.

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