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Natural Sciences National Museum

Natural Science Museum“Bernardino Rivadavia”

The museum's history beginning in the early nineteenth century and produced shortly after the May Revolution of 1810 when Bernardino Rivadavia, secretary of the First Triumvirate - and great promoter of science and culture - decided, in 1812, that the provinces should gather elements "to start the establishment in the capital of a Natural History Museum." The same provision was driven back by Rivadavia in 1823, when he served as Minister of Government and Foreign Affairs of the governor of Buenos Aires, General Martin Rodriguez achieving its goal to become President of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata in 1826-1827.

At first the museum worked in higher cells Convent of Santo Domingo (1826-1854) and the Jesuit Attorney's old block of Lights until 1937, when the President Agustín Pedro Justo inaugurated the first phase of the new and large building. The current building, whose construction continued during the following years.

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